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Gospel Embodiment

Training influencers to engage God and their communities more authentically and holistically through a global, collective lens.

Global BIPOC theology

It's time to refocus our lenses.

The traditional Western lens tends to put the self above the group, joy above lament, and the powerful above the vulnerable. 


Our globalizing, social-media world is inviting us to refocus our lenses, to name our inherent biases and to integrate a more holistic gospel lens.

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A more global lens:

Reverses Shame

Shame-reversal is seen throughout the Bible where God consistently meets people in their state of brokenness, weakness, emptiness, rejection, loss, and brings them to a place of honor. This is the essence of the cross and the resurrection.

Centers Vulnerability

Counter to the western lens that emphasizes personal strength, power and victory, the Gospel centers those who perceive their insufficiency: "blessed are the poor in spirit."

Heals Communities Holistically

A word study of “save” in the Gospels would reveal that the word sometimes conveys the notion of healing the entire person. When Jesus heals he restores bodies and hearts, renews minds, and reintegrates individuals into communities where they become vital contributors. This is the model for salvation today: holistic, embodied, communal.  

A three minute introduction on reframing our lenses.

Watch video to learn more.

As an Anglo-American pastoring a majority Asian-American church, Steve’s perspective has shaped my ministry and me in profound ways: 1) to open my eyes to greater degrees the structures of power and privilege within American society, and the way that many in our community experience that; 2) the way that the Kingdom of God subverts the bondage of guilt, shame and fear through the Gospel. I am so grateful for the ways that God has met us as we’ve committed to mutual submission.

Sean Curtis former pastor of The Great Exchange Covenant Church, San Francisco

You belong in God's story and are an agent of healing for others.

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